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In'Ax MkIIR Genesis by Athea Mods

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The IN'AX MkIIr by Athea - Following the huge success of the original IN'AX and feedback from users, Athea has upgraded the system in the form of the IN'AX Mk2.

The IN'AX Mk 2 is very similar to the first version with a few key improvements. It still utilizes the unique coiling system where the wick is wrapped around the postive pin, which minimizes the problem of 'hot legs' and there is plenty of room to maneuver to wrap the coil from top to bottom. 'Hotspots' also seem to be a lesser occurance with the IN'AX system.  

The Mk 2  incorporates an adjustable air flow which is delightful to use and the stiffness of the draw can now be selected by the user.

Another addition in the Mk2 is the tank can now be opened using a coin or flat screwdriver from the top of the deck which makes cleaning far easier.

This is the updated 'R' version. 'R' = "Revised" because of :
• New top cap with double and revised adjustable airflow
• Tighter adjustment of AFC crown with reference mark
• Tighter PTFE insulator preventing any spin of the positive post during coiling.
• Specially machined negative screw (same as In'Ax Nano)
• Laser engraving on bottom of the atomizer
• New box specially designed for In'Ax atomizers.

Filling takes place directly from a standard eliquid bottle, no need for needle tips or syringes with the IN'AX and the fill hole is sealed once the top cap is in place.

It is designed for a Stainless Steel mesh wick set up but can also be used with a cotton wick and the performance with both is stunning as it was with the original version.

Flavour is very prominent on the IN'AX due to its micro chamber and the position of the coil in relation to the mouthpiece provides tasty warm vapour and great throat hit. The three machined chamber fins help to keep the chamber cool as well as look cool!

Vincent Athea the designer of the In'Ax recommends using #200 mesh and 0.20 Kanthal but of course if you wish to experiment with other configurations that is completely up to you.


Diameter: 22 mm 

Height: 47mm 510 connector and mouthpiece included ( 35 mm without mouthpiece and 510 connector)

Tank capacity: 2.5 ml.

Air-Tunnel diameter: from 1.4 mm - 0mm (Adjustable)


- Tank, Top-cap , Screw, Stick and Grip-stick: 316 L Stainless Steel (Surgical grade) .

- Mouthpiece and insulator 510 connector: Teflon (PTFE).

- Tip of the filling hole and stick compression washer: Silicone.

Pack Contents

1 x IN'AX Unit
1 x Teflon Mouthpiece
1 x Spare positive pin
Spare Grypstiks
Spare fill hole rubber
Presentation Box

Please note that the In'Ax can be used with most standard 510 drip-tips.

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