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4 Best Vape Brands & Manufacturers

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4 Best Vape Brands & Manufacturers

The massive and competitive vape industry allows for everyone to have their vaping needs satisfied. With virtually limitless alternatives, it's difficult to decide what is best. To make the decision process a piece of cake, here are four outstanding vape companies that make it a point to distinguish themselves.

  1. Envii - Innovation is the name of the game. You can bet that this forward-thinking company will be the one setting trends in the vape industry. One Envii designer created "The Loch Ness," a stabilized wood variable voltage mod that made a splash in the industry. Another team member produced the 454 Atomizer, a piece of vape tech that is considered advanced and ahead of its time. With an ever-expanding range of options from a beginner setup to high-end products and everything in between, you will not be disappointed.


  1. Glas - This premium vape brand's pride for craft and quality resides in its hand-crafted glass bottles. The artisanal liquid and crystal glass are made with the same care and dedication as a nice bottle of wine or whiskey. Glas goes the extra mile by consulting with engineers and watch makers alike to make sure every piece is designed to perfection.


  1. Cosmic Fog: Born and based in Orange County, California, Cosmic Fog crafts each of its unique flavors for 7-10 months before releasing them to the buyer. This dedication to honing the perfect taste guarantees a fresh flavor. Enjoy vaping the fruits of lots of labor.


  1. Chubby Gorilla: This California-based company's mantra is "Engineered for a purpose, designed for a purpose." You can be sure of the product's outstanding quality as they place emphasis on quality control, ensuring fully sealed and drip-free products in every shipment. They understand that the minute details and extra touch make the difference when the consumer is picking from a highly competitive market.


We carry all of these brands along with many others to cater to any and all of your vaping desires.