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Breaking Down 3 Different Types of Vape mods

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Breaking Down 3 Different Types of Vape mods

If you have some level of experience with vaping, the next big step is moving on to experimenting with different vape mods.


Vape mods are an evolved version of vape pens, giving the user varying levels of control over the battery power and heating element, as well as the amount of vapor emitted.


If you're ready to get started with trying out mods to find the exact vaping experience that works best for you, here are three different types of mods to get you started:


  1. Box mods are one of, if not the most popular vaping devices available. Regulated box mods are generally what people specifically mean when they refer to this type of mod. These are fully digital units complete with processors, so variable voltage and wattage are often controlled through digital buttons or even a screen with a graphical-user interface. For vapers who want to dive right in with feature packed mods, this is the category to go with.
  2. Mechanical Mods are the classic style: no digital parts at all, just the ability to adjust the battery connection physically. This style came out of early vape hobbyist modders, who used flashlight intensity as inspiration for changing the way they vape. These are a great choice for someone who wants a device that's easy to modify, and dependable for daily use.
  3. Hybrid Mods combine rebuildable atomizers and mechanical mods in once device that is definitively meant for expert users only. Due to the danger of the direct to battery connection next to a rebuildable atomizer, these mods have dangerously unstable potential if modified or operated incorrectly.

Choosing the right mod is a fun process, where you balance your vaping needs with the impulse to geek out on features. Do you want a feature packed modern box mod, with amenities like puff tracking? Do you want a classic mechanical mod, with a simple adjuster, easy to clean and maintain? Or are you getting deep into the hobby, fast, and you want to put in the legwork to tame the beast that is a hybrid mod? It's entirely up to you. Welcome to the wonderful world of vape mods.