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How Much Does Vaping Cost: Less Than Your Pack a Day Habit

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How Much Does Vaping Cost: Less Than Your Pack a Day Habit

While there is an initial investment to start vaping, the long-term costs tend to be less on a month to month basis compared to cigarettes or cigars. A quality vape pen, your delivery device, can cost anywhere from $50 to $125 and sometimes more. A supply of atomizers for a month will be around $20 and a supply of vape juice for a month will be $10-$20. Your total initial purchase will be anywhere from $125 to $185, depending mostly on the style of vape pen you purchase.


However, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day at $5 to $7 per pack, times 30 days, that's $150 to $200 each month. Compared to the atomizer and vape juice monthly cost of $40, you'll find that you've saved yourself $100 to $150 each month and your initial vape pen investment has already paid for itself. That savings can go to trying new vape juice flavors and well as experimenting with other vape pens.


But what does vaping NOT cost? Vaping doesn't cost you those ugly stares from non-smokers. Vaping doesn't cost you those snarky comments directed at you, "I guess someone was outside smoking." Because the "smoke" you see being exhaled is only water vapor, there is no foul odor or smoke smell. Your clothes, your breath, your car and your home will all smell better after a little while.


If you've been hesitant to take up vaping as an alternative to smoking because of cost give it a closer look, shop around and do the math. Vaping will provide you with some cost savings over your monthly cigarette habit and move you closer to having improved health.