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Save Money: Vaping vs. Smoking

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Save Money: Vaping vs. Smoking

Fifty years ago we didn’t know the extreme effects smoking has on your body. It damages your lungs, causes cancer, and kills over 7 million smokers a year. Today, people are aware of the risks and have been finding alternatives to smoking. Alternatives that give you the same pleasure with less risk to your body. Vaping, or inhaling and exhaling flavored water vapor through an e-cigarette, is the new trend exploding across America. Smoke from e-cigarettes is thicker, but smells pleasant. It evaporates almost instantly because it’s vapor.


Smoking Costs

A pack of cigarettes costs between $7-$10. If you buy two packs a week you are spending an average of $80 a month on cigarettes. This adds up to $960 dollars a year. In addition to high prices, the health risks that come with smoking are well-known in today's society.


Vaping Costs

If you invest in a vaporizer, you can buy a starter kit for $30-$50 dollars. There are several parts that make up a vape, but this product will ultimately save you money. If you love smoking and want to replicate the smoking sensation, invest in an e-cigarette. They are slim vaporizers that resemble a cigarette. A bottle of e-liquid costs an average of $7 and will last an avid user 12 days. This adds up to less than $200 dollars a year. This saves you over $700 dollars a year vaping. Additionally, there are dramatically decreased health risks with vaping.

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