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The Top 3 Best Vape batteries

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The Top 3 Best Vape batteries

Choosing the best mod for your mod is a question of trade-offs: If you prioritize high-voltage output, you'll end up with less battery life. If you're looking for longer battery life and a bit less heat at maximum output, you'll have more battery life overall. If you want a mod ready for producing thick clouds or ultra-high vaping, ultra-high capacity batteries that can handle the punishment are the only answer.


Here are the top vape batteries in three broad categories, each covering a distinct use-case:

  • For the common 18650 category, the LG Hg2 3000mah 35a 18650 is a balanced battery perfect for variable mods, with enough charges for casual use while still having the high-voltage capabilities for anyone willing to trade a bit of its particularly long life.
  • The MNKE 26650 is a heavy-duty choice for high-drain situations. For vapers engaging in sub ohm vaping, cloud production rivaling a fog machine, or experimenting with custom high-voltage mods, this is the perfect choice. This is a large battery that does not fit the more common 18650 tube mods.
  • The Aspire CF VV 1000 mAh Battery is the perfect choice for a variable ego mod. This style is the perfect choice for new vapers, with a simple, accessible adjustable voltage range from 3.3-4.8v. It's compatible with most atomizers and cartomizers on the market, and has a safety cutoff feature if current remains continuous for longer than 10 seconds.


These three vape batteries are the perfect way to get started with the full range of possibilities in the vaping space. Take a moment to think about what you want out of the vaping hobby, and give one of these styles of batteries a try with your mod!