Readers ask: How To Clean Uboat Vape?


Why is my Kangertech leaking?

If your Kanger Subtank is leaking, it is more than likely the issue is with the OCC coil. We’ve found that some Subtank OCC coils do not have enough cotton in them to prevent the liquid inside of the tank from slowly seeping out through the center tube and the airflow holes.

Why is my Kangertech blinking?

Possible something is either shorted in your cartridge or maybe in your device. If you have something else to try on (Another tank or RBA or RDA) I would see if those work. If not I would check the ohms to see if the cartridge is either shorted or not making great connection with the coils inside.

What coils for Kangertech Subvod?

SSOCC stands for stainless steel organic cotton coil. You’ll enjoy amazing flavor and vapor with these coils. Attention: SUBVOD battery doesn’t support TEMP Control coils. If you want to use 0.15ohm Ni200 coils, please do use it with TC MODs.

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