FAQ: How To Claim Smok Vape Warranty?


How does Smok warranty work?

Every SMOK vape is with a 6-month warranty since the purchase date. If you open an after-sale claim the picture of receipt + serial label is needed. When you start a warranty claim, you may have lost your receipt for some reason, then there is another way to define the warranty period.

How do I contact Smok vape?

5. SMOK Customer Service Phone Number (704) 696-8900 … Contact SMOK customer service.

How do I register my Smok vape?

For the latest product serial label, you can directly download Vaping tour https://m.vapingtour.com and scan Code A + Code B to register the vaporizer with SMOK. As you can see, serial label is very important, please keep it safe in case you need the after-sales service someday.

How do you fix a Smok vape that won’t charge?

If that doesn’t work try blowing into the charging port to remove any potential debris or fluff which is getting in the way of the contacts. If you’re still experiencing issues you can try to clean inside the charging port with rubbing alcohol but make sure that it’s fully dry before inserting the cable.

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How long is Smok warranty?

SMOK offers a quality guarantee period of SIX months from date of purchase (‘ Warranty Period’). Atomizers, tanks, drip tips, pod and e-liquid are not covered under warranty.

How long do Smok devices last?

How long does SMOK NOVO battery last? From my experience as a regular vapor, I would say it lasts an average of 5 hours. However, SMOK Just came with a newer version of the NOVO and it’s called the NOVO 2.

Is Smok a good brand?

From their very first product launch, SMOK has become renowned for high-end tech and quality construction. SMOK mods have routinely pushed the envelope with new chipsets that offer more power, more precision, and better results. Some of their most popular vaporizers have amplified this reputation.

How do I get my Smok vaporizer to work?

Turning on Your SMOK Vape

  1. First, locate your device’s main fire button, which also functions as the power on/off button.
  2. Once your device is unlocked, press the main fire button three times to access the device menu.
  3. After you’ve enjoyed a good vape session, turn off your SMOK device by accessing the menu system again.

Is Smoktech legit?

The rating of smoktech.com indicates the site is safe or a scam. However, we cannot guarantee that the site is a scam. Many websites look legit but are in fact fake. Before you shop at a site you do not know, check for yourself.

How do I know my vape is real?

How to spot a fake vape cartridge

  1. Licensed products are much safer, but not completely safe.
  2. Don’t buy this junk.
  3. Make sure the license exists.
  4. Check the packaging.
  5. Beware of fake copycats.
  6. Look at the ingredients.
  7. Diluents: Legal, but maybe not healthy.
  8. Know your brands.
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How can you tell a fake Smok vape?


  1. Using the APP IVPS Tour to scan Code A will show that the product is not activated, and show the number of times the product has been scanned.
  2. Click the Activate the Products prompt to scan the Code B to activate and bind the product.
  3. After scanning the Code B, it will shows the product is authentic.

How do I know if my Smok is real?

On the surface, it can be very difficult to tell which are simple imitations and which are the genuine product. Smok’s updated verification system requires the user to download the IVPS Tour App and scan the two QR codes located on the back of Smok product boxes.

Why is my vape not working?

Inspect the battery contact; it may be clogged or coated. If this occurs, wipe the contact portion with a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol, let the terminal dry, reconnect your cartridge to the battery and try it again. Do NOT overtighten your cartridge. Make sure your battery is turned on and fully charged.

How do I know if my vape battery is bad?

If you are vaping at roughly the same wattage but consistently notice the battery does not last as long as when you first started using it, it’s likely an indicator that you need to get a new one. Another sign that a vape battery needs replacing is that it gets hotter than normal either when recharging it or using it.

Why is my vape not working Smok?

If your SMOK vape isn’t turning on, it could be a quick fix: Try charging your mod to see if a dead battery is an issue. Plug it into the charger and hope that you forget to recharge after your last use. Check the battery to confirm that it’s properly inserted.

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