FAQ: Orion Lost Vape What Is Stealth Mode?


What is stealth mode on my vape?

Stealth vaping is the act of vaping in a discreet manner. Using small vapes that put out smaller volumes of vapor, the user can regulate the exhaled-puff size to be barely visible. This form of vaping works best with concealable devices that have low power and have a tight MTL draw, often called stealth vapes.

How do you turn off stealth mode on exceed Grip Pro?

1. ON / OFF: power it on or off by five quick succession clicks on the ignition key. 2. Smoke: Hold down the fire button to inhale through cigarette holder and exhale by releasing the ignition key.

Why is there no smoke when I vape?

While low vapor production can be associated with a low battery charge, more often than not it has something to do with your e-liquid. Check your tank to make sure you have enough e-liquid. If your tank is completely full but you still have weak vapor, it is possible that your atomizer or coil has been flooded.

Is it better to not inhale vape?

Mouth holders are vapers filling their mouth with vapour before taking it into the lungs. Some vapers prefer to exhale the vapour without inhaling into the lungs. Mouth holding vapers will get a better flavour sensation from a vape pen.

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How do I reset my Smok species?

Reset the tank – You can ‘ reset ‘ the tank by removing it from the mod, checking the screws are tight and pressing the fire button. Then re-attach your tank and select ā€œnā€ when you are asked if it is a new coil.

Is exceed grip good?

The Exceed Grip is a tiny device at 74mm tall, 40mm wide and 21mm thick. It’s almost like a miniaturized box mod. It fits nicely in between my thumb and index fingers and it’s comfortable to fire from this position. The overall build quality is good.

How do you charge an exceed grip?

Simply charge the device by connecting it with a computer or with a wall adapter (output DC:5V) via USB cable. The light indicates red while charging and goes out after fully charged.

How do you lock a 75 ohm DNA?

To do so, while locked hold both the Fire and Up buttons for two seconds to enter Resistance Lock mode. In this mode, the DNA 75 will use the present atomizer cold resistance without refinement until the atomizer is disconnected or the resistance lock is disabled.

How do you use EScribe?


  1. Download and install EScribe. In order to take full advantage of your DNA 200 Mod, you need to get EScribe.
  2. Run EScribe. connect your DNA 200 and update the firmware.
  3. Configure your DNA 200 Baseline Settings ā€“ Setup Battery Pack Capacity using EScribe.

What is DNA250C?

The Lost Vape Triade DNA250C is the ultimate choice for high wattage vapers. The DNA250C chipset gives you access to plenty of options and features like temperature control mode, boost mode, and replay mode, which are sure to level-up your vaping experience.

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