Often asked: How Much Is A Coil For A Snowwolf 365 Vape?


How much is a Snow Wolf coil?

SnowWolf WOLF WF Replacement Coils | Mfeng Kit & Wolf Tank | $11.95.

What coil does the SnowWolf use?

The WF-H 0.16 Ohm 316L series coils come in packs of 5 and are accessible in 3 lovely hues; Gold, Rainbow, and Stainless Steel.

Are SnowWolf Vapes good?

It happens way more often than it should and SnowWolf really gets that part right. Other than that, it performs well. Instant ramp up, good flavor, accurate power modes – it does everything you would expect from a high-quality starter kit and it’s built super well.

Who makes SnowWolf vape?

Snowwolf Xfeng 230W Vape Mod Newest Snowwolf Xfeng Vape Mod by Sigelei company, made of high-quality zinc alloy material, only bl..

What does it mean when my vape says battery imbalance?

Vape Battery is Imbalanced This is an indication that the battery is damaged and you may need to replace the pen.

Is Sigelei a good vape brand?

Sigelei. With a reputation as one of the best in variable voltage vaping, Sigelei has no shortage of loyal followers, and it’s easy to see why. With a great collection of technically advanced mods, pens, and atomizers, Sigelei has everything a vaping enthusiast could ever want – and all at great prices.

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What is Snow Wolf?

SnowWolf is a hardware manufacturer of premier vape box mods and starter kits, made famous with the elegant box-chassis from the original SnowWolf 200W. The iconic and signature snowwolf emblem represents the essence of the brand, imposing a high-end expression that truly stands out from other devices in the market.

What is the best Sigelei mod?

  • Sigelei Fuchai 213 Squonk. Lots of in-the-know vapers will tell you that squonking is the future and the Fuchai 213 Squonk from Sigelei is one of the best mods in this class.
  • Sigelei Kaos Z Box Mod.
  • Sigelei Compak A1.
  • Sigelei Top 1 Mod.

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