Often asked: How To Set Up Top Box Mini Vape?


How do you set up a Kangertech vape?

To turn ON / OFF press the fire button 5 time in 2 seconds. Squeeze the plastic bottle (Squonking) to get your desired amount of liquid into the tank, press the fire button and vape. If the button is pressed for more than 10 seconds the unit will automatically shut down. Release the button and fire again to reactivate.

How do I reset my Kangertech Subox mini?

MASTER RESET FOR SUBBOX MINI! Remove the battery and hold down all 3 buttons simultaneously while re inserting the battery. It should show ‘ Kangertech ‘ as you turn it on if you did it right. This will fix the 9.9ohm reading and the E1 error message.

Why does my vape say 9.99 ohms?

That usually means that the connector is not making proper contact with the pin on the tank. It could be that the 510 pin on the mod had got sticky with juice and now doesn’t come up to meet the tank pin properly.

How long does a KangerTech coil last?

Of course, that depends upon a lot of factors, but with some easy maintenance, they can last 3-4 weeks (possibly longer).

What is a Kbox mini?

Moreover, the Kanger KBOX Mini is a variable wattage device that can be adjusted from between 7W to an impressive 50W, in 0.1W increments.. This allows the KBOX Mini to be used with a wide range of atomizer resistances, from 0.3 ohms to 3.0 ohms.

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