Often asked: Joyetech Ego Aio Vape Pen How To Replace Tips?


How long do joyetech ego AIO coils last?

From previous feedbacks the average is a week, with some lighter users reporting up to 2 weeks. You indicate a you are a lighter user, so I would think it would be more than a week. Mine also need to change about 1 week / each.

Why is my joyetech not working?

If your Joyetech AIO battery is not charging, firstly try plugging it into a different USB port or wall socket. If this doesn’t work, try a different charger, but make sure you are using a Joyetech AIO USB cable. If you have a spare kit, try charging the spare to rule out a faulty charger.

What does it mean when my joyetech is flashing?

If you go to use the vape pen and the LED light is blinking while you are holding down the button, that is signaling one of two things – either your battery is dead OR it is not recognizing your atomizer. If you know that your device is definitely charged, check your coil.

How long do joyetech coils last?

On average, an atomizer will last for a few weeks to a couple months. If a person is a heavy vapor, the life cycle will be shorter. For light vapors, it may last longer. With proper care any atomizer can last a long time.

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Is it okay to vape with a burnt coil?

At some point in your vape sessions, you may get a dry hit or a burnt taste in your mouth due to a coil gone bad. Most vapers have experienced this and will unanimously agree that it’s one of the worst things to ever taste.

Why does my vape crackle?

The crackling and popping you hear from your e-cig is completely normal. It is caused by your vape coil. This coil then vaporises your e-liquid into a vapour that you can inhale. As the e-liquid is vaporised it makes a slight popping or crackling sound.

Are joyetech Vapes good?

We are very impressed with the Joyetech Ego AIO. It is a great device for beginners and for those looking to quit smoking. It will also be a good option for those more experienced vapers looking for a portable stealth vape. Whilst we weren’t a fan of the looks of the Ego AIO, there is not a lot else to complain about.

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