Question: How To Update The Geek Vape Blade 235w?


How do I update my geek vape?

How to upgrade the firmware:

  1. Remove the atomizer and battery.
  2. Press the “+” button and plug micro USB into the computer, then release the “+” button.
  3. Download the newest firmware and unpack the compressed file, and double-click the executable file(.exe).
  4. Click ” Start “.

How do I update Aegis squonk firmware?

there is no firmware update for it. absolutely do NOT update it with the Legend firmware or the OG Aegis update unless you wanna brick your mod. If geekvape says they have an update for your mod, then update your mod with the proper firmware.

How do I update my vape?

Once you plug in your mod to the PC through the USB, the upgrade software will detect the device and display some basic information about the mod including the firmware version you currently have installed. Next, click on ‘ UPGRADE ‘.

How do I reset my Geekvape blade?

Resistance and Puff Reset: Enter the setting state. Press the fire button to toggle the cursor to the coil or puff. Press (+) to reset the coil or puff value.

Why isn’t my geek vape working?

If nothing happens when you attempt to use the Geek Vape Aegis Solo, it’s likely that the battery is dead or that the device is locked. If the device still doesn’t work, try charging the battery.

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How do I update my Geekvape solo?

There does not appear to be any firmware updates for the Solo. Not too surprising since Aegis is already a mature platform. To check your version, first power the mod off (tap power 5 times, or open and close the battery cover) then hold down the + and – together.

How do I update my aegis 100w?

Download the most recent version of the Aegis Firmware, open and unpack zip file to Windows Desktop, run/open Aegis upgrade firmware by double clicking the executable file (.exe), start installation; Firmware has finished installing once the Aegis upgrade firmware is showing “ Update successfully”.

Is Smok a good brand?

From their very first product launch, SMOK has become renowned for high-end tech and quality construction. SMOK mods have routinely pushed the envelope with new chipsets that offer more power, more precision, and better results. Some of their most popular vaporizers have amplified this reputation.

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