Quick Answer: What Are Temp Settings On Galaxy Vape?


What are the three temperature settings on a vape pen?

Vape Temperature Settings Guide

  • Cannabis Oil Boiling Points. Different types of cannabis concentrates have different boiling points.
  • Low- Temperature Vaping.
  • Medium- Temperature Vaping.
  • High- Temperature Vaping.
  • Low- Temperature Dabbing.
  • Medium- Temperature Dabbing.
  • High- Temperature Dabbing.

What do the colors on my vape pen mean?

When the battery is having a connection issue the battery will blink a mix of red, green, and white 4-5 times. These colors indicate the charge: Green = Full Charge. White = 50% Red = Needs Charge.

What are the heat settings on a vape pen?

However, generally speaking, it is wise to keep the temperatures hovering somewhere between 390 F and 490 F. When the vape gets around to the 390 F range it is putting out a good bit of vapor without sacrificing too much in terms of flavor or smoothness.

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What color is the highest setting on a vape pen?

O. pen 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery Instructions

  • Low – 2.4 volts is great for vape cartridges meant for low voltage settings.
  • Medium – 3.2 volts is perfect for a more flavorful and sizable vape hit, and is shown through a red color illuminating.
  • High – Green lights mean you are at the high setting, which is 4.0 volts.

How do you adjust the heat on a vape pen?

Most vape pens with buttons require five clicks to turn them on, three clicks to change the heat setting, and five clicks to turn them back off. The button heats the chamber as you hold it down, so be sure to hold the button down as you’re taking your hit.

What does blue mean on a vape pen?

When you are vaping, it indicates a medium battery power. ( at least 30%) When you pressing power button 3 times continuously, the indicator light blinking blue, it indicates that the vape pen switches to medium mode power output.

What does red mean on a vape pen?

If the light on your vape battery is flashing red – it’s time to recharge. Simply connect the pen battery to the charger and insert into a USB port on a computer or other electronic device. The light on the battery and charger should illuminate, letting you know that it’s charging up.

Is it bad to charge your vape with USB?

Most USB outputs are fine to charge your vape, specifically USB outputs from computers, TVs, game consoles or car chargers. If you have a phone charger that you can use to plug your own USB cable into, that’s the safest option. It’s always best to use the same cable that came with your device to charge your vape.

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What voltage should I set my vape to?

For those new to vaping, it’s recommended to start on the lowest available voltage. The smooth flavor and softer effects is perfect for beginners. Since lower voltage means a lower cannabinoid intensity per hit, micro-dosers may find they prefer a low volt setting as well.

What are the settings on a kind pen?

A: Your device has 3 temperature settings, 2.4 volts, 2.8 volts and 3.2 volts. The lowest setting is indicated by a purple light, medium is blue and red is high. We recommend using the low or medium setting unless your oil is VERY thick.

Does higher voltage get you higher?

You will get higher if you take one hit at higher voltage vs 1 hit at lower voltage assuming it actually burns properly. That’s basically just because you are smoking more at once. If it’s hotter it burns faster allowing more to be absorbed into the wick and more overall ingested.

How do I know if my Kandy pen is charged?

How to use:

  1. Solid Red Charger / Solid Red Battery = Device is Charging.
  2. Solid Green Charger / Solid Red Battery =
  3. Solid Green Charger / No Lights Battery = Device is Fully Charged.

How do you use special K pen?

To use the special K, all you need to do is; Unscrew the pen’s cap from its casing, then proceed to unscrew the casing from the battery. Insert a refillable or a pre-filled tank to the 510 threads and make sure it is perfectly locked into position.

How does a Kandy pen work?

When a vape pen is turned on, the heating chamber will vaporize the material inside the herb or oil tank. Remember that it does not burn the material so it is the flavor that moves up the device, not any smoke. KandyPens stocks numerous mouthpieces that keep flavors true giving you the best draws.

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