Readers ask: How To Use A V5.0 Vape?


How do you use a V5 0 vaporizer?


  1. Turn on your Flowermate V5. 0s Pro and select your desired temperature setting.
  2. We suggest somewhere around 190 °C – 200 °C.
  3. For best results, take long and light draws.
  4. Simply, place your lips over the glass mouthpiece and inhale slowly.
  5. You will get approximately 10-12 draws before your herb is spent.

How do I turn on my V5 0 Pro?

Turn on your vaporizer with 5 quick presses of the single button. The light around the button will begin to pulse, indicating the vaporizer is heating up. When the light stops flashing the Flowermate V5. 0s is ready to use.

How do you turn on Flowermate?

Q: How can I switch the Flowermate V5. 0S PRO Portable Vaporizer on? A: Press the power on/off button, located on the side of the vape rapidly 5 times within 2 seconds, to turn the device on. The display will indicate “SYSTEM ON”.

How do you use a Flowermate wax pod?

Flowermate – Concentrate Capsule The Concentrate Capsule should be used when you wish to vaporize concentrates such as waxes and oils with your Flowermate vaporizer. Simply place your concentrate on the cotton pad inside the capsule and then insert the capsule into the vaporizer.

How do you turn on a hybrid vape pen?

To Activate your Hybrid X press the power button five times within 2 seconds. You can set the temperature using the + or – buttons. You can change from Fahrenheit to Celsius by holding the + and – together at the same time. Once you’ve set the temperature, hold the power button to activate the ceramic oven.

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How do you use a wax canister?

Simply drop a rice-grain or smaller amount of wax /shatter/rosin/live resin into the canister, seal it up, and set your device to the highest temperature. Let it heat-soak a bit and then inhale to enjoy.

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