Why Is There A Hole In The Side Of My Vape?


Why do Vapes have air holes?

A side intake creates an airflow vortex, which enhances the flavour and the viscosity of vapour, while a hole at the bottom enhances the experience but does not have as much of an impact. Side air intakes are more effective, as they make maximum use of the way in which the coil is structured.

Is it bad if your vape spits?

Sometimes referred to as spitback, this can happen when there’s too much e liquid in the centre of your coil. While it’s not dangerous, it’s certainly not nice and if it happens too often, the extra e liquid could leave you feeling a little nauseous as well as rendering your tank unusable.

What does closing the vent on a vape do?

Higher airflow can decrease the amount of juice needed, because it remains on the coils. When using lower airflow, you’ll gain more flavor from your vape. With a decreased airflow, you will experience more flavor, more of a harsh throat hit, and less vapor (with a hotter and tighter draw).

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What happens when you put vape juice in the wrong hole?

If you fill your tank in the wrong way, this can lead to your coil getting flooded. The most common mistake to make – and the one most likely to cause flooding – is getting e- juice down the central chimney. As well as getting juice directly down the chimney, overfilling your tank can also lead to this same issue.

Does more airflow mean bigger clouds?

Increasing airflow (to an extent) means more fresh air to cool vapor temperature; this not only gives you added cooling capacity making it more comfortable to inhale, but it also increases the size of your cloud.

What wattage should I vape at?

What most people overlook, though, is the fact that even 10 watts is sufficient to guarantee a satisfying vape, and some users are right at home with this wattage. By and large, though, we could say vaping starts to get more exciting between the range of 40 and 50 watts.

Why does my vape burn my throat?

Increased levels of propylene glycol (compared to vegetable glycerin) has an increased hit. Smaller mouthpiece which narrows the airflow can cause a harsher throat hit. Dry hit, when the juice isn’t transferred to the atomizer coil, causes a burning hit.

Why does my vape spit in my mouth?

Spitting, or spitback, is the name for the occasional super-hot droplets of e-liquid that shoot in your mouth when you’re vaping. Spitback has a simple cause: e-liquid gets pooled up on the coil itself and gets “cooked” instead of being vaporized.

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How do I use less vape juice?

Stretch Your Supply: Tips to Make Vape Juice Last Longer

  1. Lower your Wattage.
  2. Use a High Resistance Coil.
  3. Switch to Vape Pens and Pods.
  4. Bump up your Nicotine Concentration.
  5. Opt for Nicotine Salts.

How does wattage affect Vaping?

So how does this affect your vape? Well, when Wattage is increased, either by increasing the Voltage that the Atomizer Coil receives or by decreasing the Ohms (resistance) of an Atomizer Coil, the outcome will be more vapor, more flavor and also warmer vapor.

Can I put water in my vape?

When you vape water, the hot steam tends to condense in your mouth. It can burn the lips, tongue and pharynx. But by the time it reaches the lungs, the vapour turns to body temperature doing little to no harm. However, regular water vaping does not guarantee harmless effects.

Why do I have to pull so hard on my vape?

Why do I have to pull so hard on my vape? Drawing hard when you vape causes the wicks to absorb more concentrate than the coil can vaporize. Excess oil floods the tank and clogs the airflow holes.

Why do I taste the juice when I vape?

this will likely have been caused by e liquid leaking from the e cig cartridge or chamber. This seeps through the mouthpiece into your mouth and is anything but pleasant. The experience will leave a bitter taste in your mouth and it may sting a little.

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