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READYxWICK™ is RBA Supplies LLC's premium quality fully treated ceramic wick that has been treated to our exacting standards which far exceeds the required treatment schedule set forth for what is considered to be safe for this material. Through our proprietary heat treatment schedule and procedure, we are able to produce a superior product for our industry that raises the bar in performance and reliability resulting in the absolute best product available for your use. Untreated ceramic wick should never be used, for ANYTHING, which is why we are so adamant about properly treating the material to our exacting standards to help assure your safe use.



THIS PRODUCT MUST REMAIN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA It is illegal to export this product outside of the USA.

Failure to comply with this regulation may result in fines and penalties up to and exceeding $750,000.00 PER INFRACTION.


READYxWICK™ is heat rated to 2600°F burst temperature and 2200°F continuous temperature.

READYxWICK™ is a ceramic based wicking material that has been heat treated to well OVER the suggested heat treatment schedule of 1652°F for 12+ hours to ensure that we are producing the safest product available on the market today. Our exact and proprietary heating method and schedule (Time, Temp, and Steps) is a protected secret, but we have spent months and literally thousands of feet of XC perfecting and producing the absolute best results with our unique and proprietary treatment schedule and method.

This is why we have chosen to "brand" and trademark our ceramic wick, so that you will know when you have a certified quality bag of ceramic wicking material which has been treated to our exacting standards from RBA Supplies.


Each package contains 1 foot of wick.

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