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Ti-Wire By Sweet Spot Vapors

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Sweet Spot Vapors Ti Wire is a revolutionary new vaping product. Ti wire is a temperature regulated resistance wire (PTC). This allows for UN-paralleled consistency and safety. Our positive temperature coefficient is suitable for BOTH mechanical devices, as well as regulated devices. Our Titanium will work with VV, VW and "Temperature Protected" devices.

Our Titanium is NOT off the shelf "industrial" grade wire. We have invested over one year of research and development, to solve the problems associated with "off the shelf" Titanium wire products. You will not find any other product like Sweet Spot Vapors Ti wire on the market. It is specifically designed, from the ground up, for vaping applications and represents a first and only category, for "vape specific" Titanium.

Ti wire climbs (or falls) in resistance according to temperature. This keeps your vapor cool and consistent, from the beginning of your hit to the end. Since the wire starts at a lower resistance, it comes up to temperature very quickly, until it's optimum is reached. Then the resistance climbs according to the amount of power that is put into the wire. This reduces the strain on your battery, while offering complete control of the heat inside of your atomizer. 

Ti wire is made from a custom metallurgical process, that was developed with our foundry and drawing facility. Ti wire contains NO chromium or nickel. The wire is made from certified medical grade titanium and undergoes a proprietary vacuum annealing process. This removes unwanted oxygen/hydrogen impurities (induced during drawing) and allows for the most consistent heating possible. Ti wire will NOT form any harmful chromium, nickel or iron oxides, and therefore the flavor of your liquid remains completely pure. Additionally ALL of our wire is cleaned in an ultrasonic/steam bath, using food safe degreaser, followed by a rinse in distilled water. 

WARNING : DO NOT DRY BURN Ti wire.....the wire is designed to fail above it's max temperature....dry burning is NOT necessary to form tight coils. You can apply low heat to crimp your coils (micro) through "pulsing" your mod, or using a low temperature torch. However we generally recommend "spaced" coils to allow for maximum flavor and heat dispersion. To clean your coils, it is not necessary to dry burn (wire will turn white when it has failed)...simply brush the coils off under warm water, and they will be as good as new.

The difference between 0.4mm and 0.5mm wire is the SPEED of which temp regulation occurs....neither one should be looked upon as a "gauge". It's not possible to compare to Kanthal or other similar wire, due to the way in which the wire responds to power input. Essentially 0.4mm Ti wire regulates temperature FASTER than 0.5mm, so it's ideal for VV/VW mods or tank will provide a slightly cooler vape, as the temp regulation occurs more rapidly. Ti wire 0.5mm has a slower ramp towards temperature regulation, so will build up slightly more heat in an atomizer. We recommend it for drippers with large amounts of air flow.

Ti-Wire 0.3mm starting (nominal @ 27deg C) resistance is 1.9 ohms per foot. Ti wire 0.4mm starting (nominal @ 27 deg C) resistance is 1.2 ohms per foot...and 0.5mm starting (nominal @ 27 deg C) resistance is 0.78 ohms per foot. The resistance will climb according to power put into the wire. We recommend starting with one to two extra wraps per coil, compared to 24ga. Kanthal A-1. Since Ti wire is a completely new type of resistive wire, we recommend experimenting with different types of builds. You should not approach it in terms of "gauge" or "resistance at rest". The resistance is dynamic.....for example if you build to 0.4 ohm, and apply 30 watts of power...0.4mm Ti wire will climb to approx. 0.5 ohm in a 1-2 second "drag".


0.3mm - 20 feet of Ti wire and real Muji, Japanese cotton (unbleached, peroxide free, organic). 

0.4mm - 10 feet of  Ti wire and real Muji, Japanese cotton (unbleached, peroxide free, organic).

0.5mm - 10 feet of  Ti wire and real Muji, Japanese cotton (unbleached, peroxide free, organic).

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