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Clapton Coil By Tradition Vapes

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Clapton Wire Characteristics:

    • Innumerable juice channels are formed within the many crevices of the exteriorly wrapped wire,
    • Resultant surface area for the juice is massive
    • The large surface area skyrockets the flavor 
    • Kicks Clouds too but this is really a flavor beast without sacrificing anything

Step your build game up. 

  • 24g + 28g - 0.5 ohms per coil
  • 24g + 32g - 0.6 ohms per coil

All coils are packaged in packs

  • 1 pack consists of 5 individual coils
  • Pre torched
  • Pre squeezed
  • Ready to go- Immense clouds & Insane flavor
  • All coils are packaged in crush proof containers that double as retail packaging. 
  • All Packs are labeled with ohm ratings 


Be Advised: 

By purchasing this product you agree that you are knowledgeable of the nature of this product and release The Vape Factor from any liability stemming from the product's use. With Pre-Made coils the Ohm Readings will vary from reader to reader. If you use 2 coils then the resultant resistance of the build will be 1/2 the printed Ohms on the package… If you use 4 coils it will be ¼ of the listed resistance WE DO NOT RECOMMEND 4 coil builds. This type of wire necessitates good new batteries and mindfulness.

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