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Tiger Coil 26g By Tradition Vapes

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TIGER Wire Characteristics:
Massive Flavor, Clouds, Cool Vape

Small juice channels are formed within the twists of ribbon and your choice in gauge
Surface area is dramatically increased & Resistance only incrementally increased versus a single strand non twisted build = cooler + flavor

Ready to put into any atomizer

Sometimes big things come in small packages.
Tiger is a sleeper- it looks simple enough- but then.. BAM! It deads you with a silly amount of flavor after you giggled that it has ribbon in it. That subtle change of the ribbon is why Tiger Wire is so aesthetically beautiful and why it hits so well. The twist makes channels that grab the VG, you would love this in a RDA with a subtle flavored juice that is high in VG and kicks clouds... That is what this is for... Tradition Vape think this wire needs each gauge from 24g in low ohms to 28 in high ohms so you can tweek the experience even further.

All coils are packaged in packs

1 pack consists of 5 individual coils
Pre torched
Pre squeezed
Ready to go- Immense clouds & Insane flavor
All coils are packaged in crush proof containers that double as retail packaging.
All Packs are labeled with ohm ratings


Be Advised: 

By purchasing this product you agree that you are knowledgeable of the nature of this product and release The Vape Factor from any liability stemming from the product's use. With Pre-Made coils the Ohm Readings will vary from reader to reader. If you use 2 coils then the resultant resistance of the build will be 1/2 the printed Ohms on the package… If you use 4 coils it will be ¼ of the listed resistance WE DO NOT RECOMMEND 4 coil builds. This type of wire necessitates good new batteries and mindfulness.

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