Often asked: How To Use Kandypen Rubi For Cbd Vape Oil?


How do you prime a Rubi cartridge?

Steps to load the Rubi vaporizer:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the Rubi.
  2. Remove pod.
  3. Open the pod and press the syringe into the opening, filling the pod with oil.
  4. “ Prime ” the Rubi pod by inhaling from the mouthpiece 3—5 times (only needed upon first use of Rubi pod).
  5. Replace mouthpiece into the Rubi.

How many times can you use a Rubi pod?

Battery Performance A full pod and a fully-charged battery should get someone between 20 and 40 puffs with the pod running out before the battery. With a low capacity battery, there is the trade-off of short battery life, but a quick charging time.

Is the Rubi vape good?

This is the RUBI vape pen for thin oils, CBD liquid, and distillate, and this is the sleekest and lightest portable oil vape I’ve reviewed from KandyPens. It looks good, feels good, it performs well, and it’s cheap. It’s under $50 with my discount code, and for light oil vaping on-the-go I recommend it.

Which disposable vape has the most puffs?

The XTRA MAX is a high-capacity disposable vape pen that maxes out at 2,500 puffs. This pen has a draw-activated firing mechanism, and the device comes with 7ml of e-juice.

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What is Rubi pen?

ABOUT THE KANDYPENS RUBI The KandyPens RUBI vaporizer is thin, lightweight, and offers elite vapor quality, stealthiness, and vaping power worlds ahead of other pod-based vapes–and all at an affordable price. At just 4 inches tall with a feather-light build, the RUBI Vaporizer is pocket-friendly yet powerful.

How do you clean a Rubi?

Best Way to Clean Your KandyPens RUBI Vape Pen After cleaning, wipe with a dry Qtip. With the RUBI you can’t take apart the e-liquid pod to clean it, so you have to change the atomizer every few weeks or when it starts to taste harsh.

How do you unclog a Rubi pod?

The first thing to try is gently blowing into the mouthpiece. If the clog is near the top of the mouthpiece, then carefully dislodge whatever is getting in the way. Try blowing into it about five times being very careful not to use too much force or else you can end up causing a leak in the cartridge.

How long does a Rubi battery last?

Due to its minuscule size, it is one of the most discreet vapes available in the market. A fully charged battery can last for an entire day. It takes an hour and 20 minutes for the battery to charge completely.

Are Rubi pods reusable?

The KandyPens Rubi is a refillable cartridge vaporizer that can be used with eliquids, nic salts, thc oils and other vape extracts.

When should I replace my pods?

Knowing When to Change Your Vape Pod

  • You Get a Burnt or Stale Taste. The most obvious sign that it’s time to change your vape pod is if you take a puff and you get a burnt or stale taste.
  • Your Vape Juice Looks Darker.
  • Dry Hits and Less Vapour Production.
  • Little or No Flavour.
  • Visible Build Up on Your Coil.
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Do Rubi pods fit in a Juul?

Portability. The Rubi is just 4 inches in size and the JUUL is a bit shorter, which means that portability is not a problem with any of these devices. These can be fit into pockets or small purses, and even concealed in palms while using.

Do KandyPens work with cartridges?

It is a 510 threaded battery so will be compatible with all your favorite cartridges. The mouthpiece is designed to provide you with the best airflow, letting you enjoy the high-quality vapor with ease.

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