Readers ask: How To Make Vape Oil From Moonrocks?


How do you make moon rock oil?

  1. Grab a nug or two of your favorite choice of bud/flower.
  2. Grab your favorite concentrate.
  3. Use your tongs to grab the bud and roll it in kief until the entire nug is covered in crystal goodness.
  4. Let your Moon Rock dry until it’s ready for action, then smoke it up.

Can you use vape oil to make moon rocks?

First, get yourself some tight, well-manicured buds. You will also need some sort of liquid form of cannabis oil —hash oil, rosin, BHO, PHO, or the CO2 oil from a vape pen cartridge will work. If you ‘re using rosin, wax, or dabs, you will need to heat it up just enough so it liquefies.

How long does it take for moon rocks to dry?

Let the moon rocks dry Depending on how much oil you used, your nugs could dry in as little as a few hours or as long as 3-7 days. When the moonrocks are ready, pack a bowl or roll a joint. And enjoy!

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Why is selling moon rocks illegal?

A lunar meteorite is a piece of the Moon. This is why many people think that owning a Moon Rock is illegal – because the Apollo samples are illegal to own by private citizens. Apollo Moon Rocks are NASA and US government property which cannot be sold or exchanged to private citizens.

How much is Moonrock worth?

NASA assessed the value of the rocks at around $50,800 per gram in 1973 dollars, based on the total cost of retrieving the samples. That works to just a hair over $300,000 a gram in today’s currency.

What kind of oil do you use to make moon rocks?

Essentially, moon rock weed, or cannabis caviar, is a small pinch of your favorite bud covered in honey oil with a generous dusting of kief on top.

How do you make moon rocks with crumble?

How to make moon rocks

  1. Select a flower bud that won’t crumble with the excessive handling.
  2. Cover the entire bud with any concentrate type.
  3. Use tongs or tweezers to grab the bud and cover it with kief to completely cover the oil.
  4. Let the moon rock dry.
  5. When it’s ready, break it apart to check out your masterpiece.

Is it illegal to own a moon rock?

Although NASA’s lunar missions returned more than 842 pounds of moon rock to Earth, it is illegal for private citizens to own any of it ( lunar meteorites, however, are perfectly legal).

Can you use butter to make moon rocks?

Ideally, we suggest using 2 sticks of butter for every 1/8 of moonrocks. If you don’t have quite that much, you can probably get away with a little less. Assuming you ‘ve got an eighth of moonrocks, place two sticks of butter into a slow cooker and turn it to low. Wait for the butter to completely melt.

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Can I smoke moon rocks by themselves?

You can only use glass to smoke moon rocks. Don’t roll them in a joint or blunt, and don’t put them in a grinder. It will make an incredible mess. Either put a small piece on a bowl of flower, or use a small piece as a standalone bowl.

How high does Moonrock get?

According to Kurupt via GreenRushDaily, smoking this form of Moon Rocks will mean that you ‘re inhaling up to 51.2 percent THC in every hit. That means that a single puff of Moon Rocks would be enough to send a casual stoner sky high — and that experienced stoners wouldn’t even be able to finish off a whole blunt.

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